Canvas Events Testimonials

[Videographer & Editor] 

Commissioned testimonial videos for Canvas Events 


[Writer, Director & Editor] 

It's hard to describe a short film like Noise. Its not a narrative drama, nor is it an experimental film. I think it lies somewhere in between. I would describe it as an eclectic, geo-physcological exploration of what it feels like to be a third culture adult. Entirely based on a rehearsal session I did with Sophie [actress], Noise explores my love for London, its multi-faceted and very critical nature that - as a third culture kid - really strips you of your identify and gives you the awareness of being faceless and bland, but that inevitably makes you search for your roots and once you find that sense of belonging and sure footing, this city gives you the space to evolve and mature. At the premiere of this film, I was told that it has a delightful poetic style but is esoteric in nature. I don't know if I would agree with the latter. It's definitely not a conventional piece of cinema but if you are willing to give it some time and divest yourself of any expectations rooted in fundamentalistic frameworks you have about cinema and just embrace the film with an open curiosity, I'm sure it will speak to you in unexpected ways. From the beginning, the soundscape was to play a crucial role in the film and Robert [the composer], did such a brilliant job that I implore you to please watch this in headphones for full effect.

Doubt, A Parable

[cinematographer & editor] 

Commissioned project for Sunan Gu, director of the production 'Doubt, A Parable' performed at Goldsmiths University.

When Words Dictate

[cinematographer & editor] 

Commissioned dance trailer for Ludic Collective. More information: https://whenwordsdictate.wordpress.com


[cinematographer] / 2014

Commissioned Project for Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

"Gravity shapes us. From birth to death, what bodies can do is bound by what they weigh. Things fall, softly or heavily, constantly or all at once. Some things are too heavy to carry, or to lift. Some things carry us.

Eight performers use everything from balloons to ballast and from pulleys to catapults to explore how bodies and structures learn to bear loads – or fall apart.

Violent, lyrical and funny, and combining an evocative live soundscape with texts ranging from ancient literature to modern science, Loaded is a startling new dance theatre show about the mechanics of weight and what happens when e face the limits of our strength. "  -  Royal Central