Instead of talking about myself in the 3rd person and delineating in detail my life history, (lets be honest, who nowadays has the time or - if we are blatantly honest - the inclination), I will give you some innocent facts. Otherwise I like to believe it's really all about the work and letting it speak for itself.

Quick facts:

  • I am a freelancer based in London. 
  • Together with my partner in crime and many more, I make content for individuals and businesses.
  • Live in London but work internationally.
  • Have a profound love for analog film, small and medium format alike.
  • From time to time I write (and direct) my own shorts.
  • Studied Performance Arts at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.
  • Englisch ist offenbar meine erste Sprache, aber wir können uns gerne in Deutsche unterhalten.